UnrealScript Game Programming Cookbook

  • Author:Dave Voyles
  • Publisher:Packt Publishing
  • ISBN:978-1-84969-556-5
  • Year:2013
  • Pages:272
  • Language:English
  • File size:6.3 MB
  • File format:PDF

Book Description

Designed for high-level game programming, UnrealScript is used in tandem with the Unreal Engine to provide a scripting language that is ideal for creating your very own unique gameplay experience. By learning how to replicate some of the advanced techniques used in today's modern games, you too can take your game to the next level and stand out from the crowd.

By providing a series of engaging and practical recipes, this "UnrealScript Game Programming Cookbook" will show you how to leverage the advanced functionality within UDK. You'll be shown how to implement a wide variety of practical features using the high-level scripting language ranging from designing your own HUD, creating your very own custom tailored weapons, to generating pathfinding solutions, and even meticulously crafting your own AI....

Tags:replicate advanced techniques learning unique

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