Moodle 2 for Teaching 4-9 Year Olds

  • Author:Nicholas Freear
  • Publisher:Packt Publishing
  • ISBN:978-1-84951-328-9
  • Year:2011
  • Pages:332
  • Language:English
  • File size:34.7 MB
  • File format:PDF

Book Description

Moodle is a virtual learning environment that is being used in more and more schools worldwide. It is ideal for teaching a younger age group as interactive lessons enable children to learn quicker and with greater ease.

Moodle 2 for Teaching 4-9 Year Olds Beginner's Guide will help you to adapt your existing lesson plans to online Moodle courses and will give you ideas to create new activities, quizzes, and puzzles to make the learning process fun and interactive for young children....

Tags:enable children lessons group interactive

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Use Moodle to create quizzes, puzzles, and games to enhance the learning ability of your students