The Accidental SysAdmin Handbook, 2nd Edition

  • Author:Eric Kralicek
  • Publisher:Apress
  • ISBN:978-1-484218-16-7
  • Year:2016
  • Pages:280
  • Language:English
  • File size:14.5 MB
  • File format:PDF

Book Description

Understand the concepts, processes and technologies that will aid in your professional development as a new system administrator. While every information technology culture is specific to its parent organization, there are commonalities that apply to all organizations.

The Accidental SysAdmin Handbook, Second Edition looks at those commonalities and provides a general introduction to critical aspects associated with system administration. It further acts to provide definitions and patterns for common computer terms and acronyms.

It is assumed that the reader has little to no experience in a professional information technology environment....

Tags:parent organization specific technology culture

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